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Sunday, October 25, 2009

my productive weekend

i had a really productive weekend this week. Not that i managed to achieve all my targets a listed here (:P) but managed to do quite a few things and spent less time lazying around at home. hurm where to start..

let's start from the car.. an accident happened to my car (jgn risau bukan eksiden langgar kete tu... hehe). So, I spent my Saturday cleaning up the mess in my car. Last Sunday someone accicently spill half of a mcD orange juice in my car (just before i head back to jb from kl). So being the forgetful-me, i totally forgotten about it when i arrived in jb + the tiredness of driving. i didn't realized the interior carpet of the passenger seat has successfully absorbed the juice and i was welcomed with a stench as i step into the car next morning. At that moment then i remebered about the juice and it's already too late.. tried to dry up the mess on my own but i failed..

so i decided to send the car to the carwash.. hoping that the so called professionals will be able to clear the mess. unfortunately, it became worse. and the weather for the whole week was not helping too. it has been raining and there was no way for me to jemur my car. i've been enduring the stench for a week. nasib baik la skola dekat.. kalo x memang mati x bernafas dlm kete.. hahaha.. anyway.. through out the week i tried to clear the stench by buying all sort of air freshners and deodorizers but to no avail.. i still couldnt get rid of the stench. Then i came across an article on the Net that suggests a few things/ways to get rid of any odour in your car. Now let me share with what you can do if you ever experience the same thing.

Here what you can do without spending your money on the costly-not working-air freshner or deodorizers. The most important things that you need are a special vaccum cleaner for water and a sunny day and of course you need other things like detergent, sponge or scourer. in this case i just used the powder detergent and a small cleaning brush. Dilute the detergent in some water and just splash your carpet with it. scrub clean and vaccum the water. do it a few times to ensure that you have got all the juices out. then dry your car in the sun until your carpet is totally dry. do make sure it is TOTALLY dry!! If not it is not worth the effort.

Then, to really ensure that your carpet doesnt smell anymore, throw some baking soda (yes, the baking soda that you use for baking) on the area affected and leave it over night. vacuum the baking soda on the next morning. Insya-Allah there will be no stench anymore. My car smells good now :) So there goes my Saturday. I rewarded my hard work with homebaked brownies.. yummy.. will share the recipe next time. Thanks to mamafami.fotopages for the recipe. here how the brownies look like.

On Sunday, i spent half of my day at school. Cleaning up my workspace - changing the table with better ones before any new teacher reports to the school tomorrow. they can have the old clumsy and faulty tables... muahahahaha :P Silly me. I forgot to snap the before-after picture.. haha.. Well it's better not to show the before picture isn't it? My workspace is neat now.. (Bersemangat nk wat keje.. hehehe ) I also prepared some materials for my classes tomorrow before heading home to laze around :P

So, there goes my weekend. Quite occupied but i still have time to ramble this long.. hehe. Wonder whether anyone reads? x kesah la janji ku bahagia.. haha.. ciao.

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