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Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Blues~

I don't really look forward for mondays except if it is a holiday.. hahaha.. i've been away from school for a week last week - attended a course in Bagan Lalang for 3 days from 12-14th continued with a CRK and Deepavali holidays.. it's good to leave the school and students once in a while (didnt really enjoy the course tho..)

Met my ex-roomate, `Ainur and her sister Kak Najah at the course. Found out that her 1st newborn niece, Nur Fatimah who is 3 months is in ICU at Putrajaya Hospital. Baby Nur is in a coma due to concussion.. (doctors couldnt tell much on the cause) and there's nothing can be done at this moment except pray to Allah to save baby Nur.. I havent seen baby Nur myself except for her pictures shown by `Ainur.. She's such a cute baby ..
Just now `Ainur told me the doctor said Baby Nur tenat and looks like she is nearing her final days... Whoever reads this, please pray for her...

Talking bout babies.. accompanied a mum-to-be (a collegue of mine) for last minute shopping. Havent walked around the baby section for quite sometime and i did enjoy myself looking at the cute baby clothes and stuffs.. (haha one of my other collegue said, "elokla datang, amek berkat ibu mengandung") Suddenly i started thinking about babies and the expenses needed if you are expecting a baby. Gosh, there are a lot of things to buy if you are having a baby. Realized that we need to start saving from now.. As i walked around the shop i was thinking on creating a few 'tabung' for savings.. at least 2.. one special saving for baby (walaupun tatau lagi bile akan ade..) and another one for our house (bile dh pindah umah sendiri nanti mestila nak kena beli sofa la, meja la and lain2..hehe) So need to spend wisely from now on!

Back to the school, today felt like the time moves very slow.. quite lazy to go to class as i'm still in holiday mode.. hehe Nonetheless, managed to drag myself to the 2 classes (haih 2 kelas je hr ni pn malas nak msuk :P). Students also seem to be still in their holiday mood, so i just played along with them and do what ever we have to do. there will be a lot of things to be done this week..

  1. finish teaching Looking for a rain god (out of sudden the exam for F4 starts next week..huhu)
  2. siapkan skt for borang prestasi
  3. finish marking F4 essay books (which i don't really enjoy marking)
  4. finalize the PLBS n ULBS files (tired of reminding and running after students to give me their evidences)
  5. collect more books and mark them (especially literature and p.seni books)
  6. update my record book with headcount guru and pergerakan guru
Hurm that should be enough for the time being.. (ni x tentu berjaya buat semua lagi ni) but i will try my best to complete as much as possible. wish me luck!

Mak aih panjang la pulak my ramblings ni kan.. Lesson esok x prepare lagi.. Ta~

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ainko said...

salam..tumpang menyelit..wah..ainur n kak najah..lame xjupe dorg..