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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First Marhaban..

Ever since I started working in Johor, I've heard the Johorians still practice a few traditions that might be forgotten or slowly forgotten in other places and this includes marhaban. I've heard the word but have no idea how this is carried out. What I know, they will go for marhaban from house to house during hari raya and that's it.

So today, I've got the opportunity to experience marhaban myself. Our F3 students were having marhaban today as part of their post-exam activity. Then I know what marhaban actually is. A group of people will go from house to house and recite the selawat before they are all invited to enjoy the food specially prepared. This activity can strengthen the relationship in a community and turn the raya celebration merrier.. Here are a few snaps of the students and teacher reciting the selawat.. (of coz u cant see me in the picture :P)

P/S: The nasi lemak served was really delicious.. yummy!


cyba_qema said...

bestkan marhaban @ baraan..
kat kg still kuat lg budaya ni..
bndr pn sme ikut tmn prumahan la..
edar surat umah spe stju nk wat mrhbn..
zmn skolah dlu pling best coz wat marhaban n g umah sume dak klas bersma ckgu2 smbil bermarhaban dlm byk versi..slmt mnjadi warga jb la..=)

mus@akim said...

bagus!!!..truskan usaha anda yer.. anda memang berbakat.. cuba vokal tu kalo bleh bulatkan lagi.. tempo mahu jaga.. overall good..

yg ni aisyah yg tulis.. haha.. betul x??? yg yb tulis aku xnk komen r.. haha

Aku Fikir..... said...

ces mustakim... aku marhaban dalam hati je la :P