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Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm not good in cooking but i would say that i'm pretty good in baking (sori la ye i masuk bakul angkat sendiri :P) well.. really... i enjoyed baking so much.. it's a lot of fun and a stress therapy for me.. especially when it involves decoration..

since school.. every raya will be a platform for me to try new recipes for cookies and biscuits.. too bad i didnt take any pics.. besides yang kat bwh ni, i used to bake choc cakes, cheese cakes, caramel puddings, sagu gula melaka n many more. rase nk wat bisnes baking pn ade gak.. tp nk kene ade oven yg besar sket baru blh. tu pn if ada org nk tempah.. hahaha ade ke? here are some of my 'artworks' in these 2 years. Mane2 yg ada gamba je la hehe :P

the brownies

first try vanilla cupcakes

the pineapple tarts

biskut raya wat kat welly 2006

trifle pudding

honey cornflakes

the puffy cream puff

carrot walnut cup cake with cream cheese frosting

another version of carrot walnut cupcakes

P/S: FYI i never had proper learning session.. try n error, tgk tv n surfing the net :)

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