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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

specially for my students...

Setelah sekian lama tertunggak.. akhirnya berjaya jugak curi masa utk wat these cuppies. I promised my students.. if they got A for English in the previous mid-year exam, they'll get a reward... So this is the reward - choc moist cuppies, topped with choc buttercream with individual names using fondant n gumpaste. Niat asal mcm nk buat sthg lbh menarik.. tp bcoz of time constraint plus tgh kering idea ms buat ni.. ni aje la yg dpt.. hope my kids like them...

Monday, July 12, 2010

hasil semasa...

Sekian lama x update blog.. just wanna share some of my latest so-called artwork..

orange choc chip
butter cream deco

orange choc chip juge
fondant + buttercream deco

khas for leny
cupcake hantaran

my first cuppies for hantaran
requested by azuan

vanilla choc chip
buttercream deco

the most wanted oreo cheese cake :p