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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

here n there

helllooo!! anybody home? haha i haven't blog for quite sometime.. have I ? Well nothing much happened lately.. the final examination has just started today.. so rite now i'm quite free before my table piles up with the answer scripts.. as i said... nothing much happened lately.. was appointed as an invigilator for SPM but not anymore.. really thankful to a collegue of mine.. really apreciate it.. :).. hurm, what else? oh yea.. my SIL Ati gave birth to a very beatiful and healthy baby girl today.. so used it as an excuse to skip a meeting today :P went to the hospital to see baby Nurlina.. sorry ek if salah eja.. that's the only 2 things that i've found interesting.. oh another thing.. i'm on entrepreneur mode.. why? decided to make n sell something to fill up the panitia fund.. first start was egg+cheese sandwich.. glad it was sold out.. now i'm thinking of something else i can sell.. what about mini puffs n puddings? how does that sounds?

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