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Monday, November 8, 2010

It has been awhile...

Cepat sungguh masa berlalu.. pejam celik pejam celik, sekolah hanya tinggal lagi 2 minggu.. i'm not looking for holidays this year as i have to invigilate for a month long. biasenye, diwaktu-waktu mcm ni byk dateline yg nk kene kejar... especially marking final exam paper. alhamdulillah i'm done with that a week ago.. so i just need to complete the analysis items, pelan strategik dan segala jenis laporan yg skolah nak... and i might use up my hols to upgrade my spbt room apart from invigilating.. cuti ni mcm akan jadi cuti yg x best je.. huhuhu.. ape kan daya dah nasib..

Now, let's put aside the not-so-looking forward holiday. Just wanna share how I spent my Deepavali weekend.. I spent the whole 3 days baking and decorating cake and cupcakes.. For the 1st time I got orders of a cake and 60 cuppies decorated with both fondant and butter cream. Luckily my sister, Amalia who's studying in Seremban came down to JB to lend a hand.

The first order was from my sister-in-law, Kak Ati. She asked me to bake a cake for my niece's 1st birthday. She said any cake and design will do. Actually, I've been longing to try baking and decorating a doll and I decided to take this opportunity to try this. It was quite challenging as you need to get the skirt rite as well as decorating the doll itself. Alhamdulillah, I managed to complete the cake. There are flaws here and there but I think it is quite good (mcm angkat bakul masuk sendiri je ni :P).

But the most challenging of all was when we need to deliver the cake to Bandar Penawar, a 1 hour and half drive from my place. And mind you, the road is not like a highway. It's a trunk road passing by Felda Ayer Tawar. So i had to hold the cake on my lap in a cooler box and prayed the cake will arrive safely. And again, Alhamdulillah, we reached Bandar Penawar safely.
Here are some pics of the doll cake...

The next project was 30 cuppies with fondant toppers. These were ordered by a collegue of mine. I took this opportunity to try something new with the fondant. With my sister's help we managed to produce some new designs that we have not tried before. Enjoy the pics below:

The last order was also from a collegue of mine. She ordered 30 S-size cuppies with buttercream for her class party. I just did a simple design with each and everyone's name on the cupcake. I heard the students love them. Some even don't want to eat them. They said, "Sayang la cikgu nak makan... "

Hope I'll get more chance to practice my skills. Thanks to those who ordered. :)

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