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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

hurm.. where to start.. lamenye x mengupdate blog.. well.. let's start from the raya haji.. first day of raya we just stayed at home as hubby has just arrived from Miri late night.. a collegue of mine invited us to her house so we went there at night. the next day, we drove back to Kuantan and stayed there for few days. Just resting and lazing around playing with baby lina.. huhu forgot to snap her latest pic.. bought something for myself in Kuantan.. guess what? a pair of KRS uniform.. can't wait to wear it next year.. hehe :P

then we drove to KL.. the same day as my family left for KL from KB. Helped my parents as they have just moved to KL permanently. went for shopping trips for furniture and house holds at IKEA.. last Saturday, Kak Kimah n her family came, so i prepared some tidbits for tea.. made some lemon mini cupcakes.. (first time making it), cream puffs and eclairs, unfortunately i forgot to snap the pics of the eclairs.. huhuu

before going into the oven...

done with baking..

decorated with lemon icing and choc ganache

the cream puff

yesterday, we were back in JB. Has to go back early just because i have a medical check up. decided to stay put in JB until my hubby get to know his posting. Please pray that he will get somewhere nearby. We decided to start dining at home as we had enough of dining out (and costly as well.. :P) . So today, we cooked together and prepared the hainanese chicken rice.. yummy..

honey roasted chicken

いただきます  みなさん!!
itadakimasu minasan

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haih.. makin sehat la yb..